Case Study

Narendra Modi's Leadership and India's Demonetisation

Dr. Sudhir Naib, Dr. Swati Singh
Change Management, Persuasive Communication, Public Policy

The case discusses the demonetisation drive that was set in motion by the Prime Minister (PM) of India Narendra Modi on 8th November 2016 resulting in the scrapping of notes worth Rs.15.4 trillion, about 86% of the value of total currency in circulation.1 The case outlines the objectives stated by the government behind the demonetisation, its planning, implementation as well as the subsequent challenges that emerged. This unprecedented move provides unique opportunities to analyse  change at such a large scale, and importance of communication and persuasion in accepting change and changing mind sets. The case analyses questions pertaining to the efficacy of demonetisation as a means for achieving the stated objectives and how the economic, political and social costs of demonetisation which were borne upfront (in the short run) justify the benefits in the long run for the economy and the government.

  • Pub Date:
    29 Aug 2018
  • Source:
    India Case Research Centre
  • Discipline:
    Organisational Behavior & Organisation Development,Strategic Management,Managerial Economics,Financial Management,Corporate Social Responsibility,Business Ethics,Other
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  • Keywords:
    Change Management, Persuasive Communication, Public Policy
  • Length:
    Pdf : 19 page(s) , Doc : 19 page(s) ,

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