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Review Committee

Review Committee

The review committee consists of a group of subject matter experts associated with case writing, development, teaching, editing. These members are both from academia and industry. This committee looks into case study submitted from various aspects of potential, depth, application and reach of the case.

Review and Acceptance

The ICRC does not accept all submitted cases for publication. All the case studies undergo a rigorous process of review

  • All submitted cases will initially be reviewed on broad aspects of focus, application and India centric issues
  • All submitted cases will be subject to review for plagiarism.
  • The submitted case and teaching note will be peer-reviewed by one or more member of the review committee Revisions may be requested to the case and teaching note on the coverage, focus, etc. before being accepted for further editing.
  • When accepted for publication, all of the authors must execute a written agreement assigning the copyright exclusively to the AIMA - ICRC.

See our FAQs for more information on publishing cases with AIMA-ICRC.