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Guidelines to Submit Case

Guidelines to Submit Case


The case studies may focus on any topic and subject area related to business management. Case studies may be compiled from field research,interviews/ published sources(e.g newspaper) and/or generalized experience. Case studies have to follow a specific structure ( please refer to case study guidelines and template). Generally , each case study is expected to include sections related to the following topics: a) a background of the subject organisation and/or of the topic; b) an analysis of the dilemma and/or the teaching objective; c) a section explaining the questions and dilemmas of the case study; d) related bibliography and additional reading.

The case studies can range from 5-8 pages or more, excluding figures, tables, annexes, and bibliography. Each case study submission must be accompanied by a teaching note for which there is no word limit (although a teaching note of a minimum of 1,000 words is expected). Please refer to case studies teaching note guideline and template.

Documents to be submitted along with your Case Study

  • The case file, in Word (.doc or .docx) format.
  • A separate file with the accompanying teaching note in Word (.doc or .docx) format.
  • The names and email addresses and contact numbers of all authors and writers.
  • Undertaking submitted by authors cosigned.

Criterion for evaluation of case study

The case studies and the teaching note will be evaluated against three criteria: content, theoretical underpinning, and presentation. Case studies must adhere and follow the submission guidelines of case study writing. For more information about the submission guidelines, write to The Editor:

Format for undertaking by the Authors Click Here to Download

Template for case study submission Click Here to Download

Template for Teaching note submission Click Here to Download