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About ICRC

About ICRC

The AIMA case research centre is established after a lot of discussion, deliberation and research. The purpose of setting up of India case research centre at AIMA is primarily to focus on developing and publishing Industry based India-focused research cases.

There are two major users of the management cases. While B-schools faculties are looking for relevant and high-quality cases, which meet the curriculum requirement and learning outcomes. The Industry being another major user of the case studies in their orientation programmes and MDPs, generally is looking for analytical cases based on best practices/ reasons of failure/ entry and survival strategies within the ambit of governmental policies. In both the situations, it is difficult to find the appropriate cases available among the current crop of publications or the access to such cases is limited to few or the cost implications are high.


  • Developing, publishing and distributing high-quality India-focused research cases for global consumption.
  • Creating an opportunity to convert business challenges into business cases.
  • Create a pool of effective case writers and editors.
  • Developing the largest repository of management cases in India.
  • Making quality cases accessible to management teacher at the majority of management institutes/universities/colleges/departments for day to day teaching purpose.
  • Create a virtual community of Institutions and organisation interested in the development of business and management cases.
  • Connecting faculties in various B- schools/ university departments, approved/ unapproved institutions, consultants and industry professional at the individual level to the virtual community for exchange of ideas and opportunity for mutual benefit and growth.
  • Connecting with student bodies for exchanging ideas on new learning pedagogy.