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Editorial Team

Editorial Team

Editorial Board

  1. Dr Sonia Mehrotra
    Professor & Head - Center of Excellence for Case Development
    Prin. L.N. Welingkar Institute of Management, Development and Research
    Email :
  2. A. Sivakumar
    Professor Marketing
    VIT Business School
    VIT Chennai
    Email: Sivakumar Alur (VITBS),
  3. Dr. Gita Bajaj
    Professor of HR & Communication
    Chairperson PGDM, DCP
    Institute of Management Technology,
  4. Dr. Debashis Sanyal
    Professor :Financial Accounting and Strategic Cost Management (SCM)
    Great Lakes Institute Of Management
  5. Dr. N.R. Parasuraman
    Director, SDMIMD, Mysore:: Member,
    EPAS Accreditation Board, EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development)
    Email :
  6. Prof J K Mitra
    Faculty (Retd), Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi
  7. Prof B. Bhattacharyya
    Former Dean, IIFT & Sr. UN Advisor (Trg.), Vice Chairman IILM,
  8. Dr Raj Agrawal
    Director - CME
    All India Management Association
  9. Dr Anuja Pandey
    Professor- Marketing
    All India Management Association
  10. Dr Ganesh Singh
    All India Management Association

Role of Editorial Board

The Editorial Board plays an important part in maintaining the quality of the cases published. The AIMA-ICRC editorial board members review the case leads, draft cases, provide guidance, direction and oversight on various sections of the case and teaching notes.

Editorial board members review is considered as the peer review of the manuscript. The detailed recommendations/suggestions provided by them help in improving the case and teaching note. The Editorial team validates the suitability of the manuscript for publication.

 The India Case Research Centre regularly invites seasoned case writers/ professors from various functional areas, with proven competence and experience to be part of the Editorial Team.

The Managing  Editor along with the production and publication team collates the reviewer panel’s insight and comments on a manuscript and shares it with case writer (authors). Based on the reviewers’ recommendation and suggestion adhered by the author, the Editorial board accepts or rejects the final manuscripts. The case manuscript and the case packs are uploaded and published by India Case Research Centre after due diligence.

AIMA cordially welcome you as a member of the Editorial Board


Eligibility for becoming a member of the Editorial Board

  • PhD / proven experience in the area of case writing/ case research in the management field.
  • Must have at least ten years of experience in the specific area of management and applied field.
  • Must have published in the leading case journal, academic journal or case collection centre such as HBR, IVEY, Darden, HEC etc.


Responsibilities of the member of the Editorial Board

  • Editing and mentoring the cases submitted to the AIMA case centre in your field of expertise and interest.
  • Promoting AIMA-ICRC in the areas of your professional influence and interest.
  • Sharing ideas and knowledge with AIMA-ICRC.

Our mission is to develop India centric cases.

If you agree with our effort, please email to the Chief Editor at


The major role of Editorial Board

  • Formulation of editorial policies and policies regarding intellectual property/copyright etc.
  • Select the reviewer panel in each area.
  • Define Quality standards in operational terms.
  • Provide the structure of the case/layout.
  • Provide guidelines on writing style, Annexure, supplements (video, excel sheet) references, used in a case.
  • Provide input in developing a standard template for writing a teaching note. Teaching note would be the main tool for faculty using cases in class.
  • The Editorial team will give detailed feedback and suggestions to case authors on the content, structure, depth, engaging, interesting, and useful to the case.
  • Suggest the inclusion regarding the case, timing in the present curriculum of management programmes or training.
  • Review video/web-enabled case studies.
  • Suggest changes to make India Case Research Centre Portal platform neutral.


Time Commitment from Editorial team Member

  • The Editorial board occasionally meets in person.
  • Most of Editorial Board Meetings are held in virtual space on the platform provided by AIMA.
  • The Editorial Board holds three or more meetings in a year.
  • The Sub Committee formed to mentor each case holds an online meeting, teleconferences as and when required.
  • Each member is expected to guide one or two case editing in a year.
  • The Sub Committee holds face to face meeting as and when required.