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The Advisory Council

AIMA-India Case Research Centre (ICRC) is a volunteer board. The advisory council consists of a group of prominent people associated with case writing, development, teaching, edition or providing case leads. These members are both from academia and industry. These members are the main brain behind the establishment and development of this case centre. They act as the ambassadors for the AIMA-ICRC. The success of AIMA-ICRC greatly depends on the directions, insight provided by the advisory council.


The Advisory Council Members
Dr. A. Sivakumar
PhD Professor Marketing Area VIT Business School
Mr Ajay Arora
Associate Vice President Strategic Planning and Projects Hero Corporate Service 264, Okhla Industrial Estate Phase-III, New Delhi – 110020.
Mr Amit Bhatnagar
Assistant Professor AIMA Centre for Management Education
Dr Anuja Pandey
Head AIMA ICRC AIMA Centre for Management Education
Prof. Bhimaraya Metri
Chairman AIMA Board of Studies & Director Indian Institute of Management , Nagpur
Dr Charles Dhanaraj
Executive Director, Fox School’s Temple University USA.
Dr. Debashis Sanyal
Director Great Lakes Institute of Management
Prof.U Dinesh Kumar
Professor, Chairperson, Data Centre and Analytics Lab, IIM Bangalore
Dr. Atmanand
Director, MDIM
Dr Ganesh Singh
Program Director ( New Age Courses) & Professor Centre for Management Education All India Management Association
Prof. Gita Bajaj
Director@VINSAK Global | Director, Rotatek Printing & Packaging Technologies, Spain | Adj Prof, MDI Gurgaon | Visiting Professor, IIM Sambalpur
Dr Gurbandhini kaur
Associate Professor AIMA Centre for Management Education
Prof. Indranil Bose
Professor of MIS and Co-ordinator IIMC Case Research Center Faculty Co- Ordinator IIM CCRC Indian Institute of Management Diamond Harbour Road, Kolkata-700104, India
Prof. J.K Mitra
Prof Rt., Faculty of Management Science
Delhi University
Dr Ravi Kumar Jain
Professor of Finance and Director Symbiosis Institute of Business Management- Hyderabad Campus
Mr Raj Kumar Singh
Dy Director, AIMA-CME AIMA Centre for Management Education
Dr. Madhu Vij
Professor Faculty of Management Studies Delhi
Mr. T V Mohandas Pai
Past President, AIMA
Chairperson, Manipal Global Education Services Pvt Ltd
Mr. Nikhil Sawhney
Vice Chairman & Managing Director,
Triveni Turbine Ltd
Ms. Preetha Reddy
Executive Vice Chairperson,
Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd, Gurgaon
Dr N R Parasuraman
Advisor, Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara Institute for Management Development
Professor Dr. Radha R. Sharma
Dean, Centres of Excellence, Case Centre Conferences MDI,Gurgaon
Mr Raghav Narsalay
MD of Innovation Research’ ,Accenture, India
Dr Raj Agrawal
Director, Centre of Management Education, AIMA
Prof. Rajan Saxena
Chairperson, AIMA ICRC
VC & Distinguished Professor
NMIMS (Deemed to-be University)
Prof. S Ramesh Kumar
Marketing Professor
IIMB Chair of Excellence, Bangalore
Ms Rekha Sethi
Director General, All India Management Association (AIMA)
Mr. Richard Rekhy
Board Member KPMG in Dubai
Dr Rishikesha Krishnan
Director & Professor of Strategy Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
Dr Ritesh Saxena
Associate Professor AIMA Centre for Management Education
Prof Dr. Rohit Singh
Director  Centre for Management Education
Prof Meeta sen gupta
Senior Advisor Centre for Civil Society
Mr. D Shivakumar
Group Executive President,
Corporate Strategy
Group President, Birla Group
Prof. Sonia Mehrotra
Professor, Centre of Excellence for Case Development, WeSchool, Mumbai & Bengaluru, campus
Dr. Vaidy Jayaraman
Distinguished Professor, Principal & Associate Dean  Great Lakes Institute of Management