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Kumar Ramesh S ,Sivagurunathan Mithun
Consumer Behavior (2034), Branding (3239), Ethnic Brands (10487) ,Brand Positioning (10116, Experiential Marketing


Parvesh Dabuka, Head of Marketing, Paper Boat brand of soft drink was thinking about the success of the niche brand that was positioned on nostalgia and ethnic taste. This thought had two aspects, one that was not uncommon and the other a different manner of looking at brand positioning. As a brand manager of a successful brand, like any other brand manager, he was concerned about sustaining the success of the brand: he had also thought that he should look at the brand positioning of Paper Boat through the lens of consumer behavior aspects. There were a number of questions in his mind: Was the success of Paper Boat because of its ethnic and nostalgic positioning or was it because of the novelty of picking up a different proposition. Both were different aspects. The novelty of brand positioning may wean off after sometime if consumers are not committed to the brand for what it stands for. Given the rapid strides made by the competitors of Paper Boat, would consumers be more interested in the functional benefits of the brand? Do consumers experience the brand (Paper Boat) based on its ingredients? Was Paper Boat associated with consumers at the level of their self-concept?

 Parvesh knew that he was getting at the positioning of Paper Boat through several aspects of how consumers expressed their behavior and at the same time wondered if a category such as soft drinks generally associated with fun and frolic may appeal to the consumers on anything other than nutritive benefits or fun? Further, if consumers wanted a new association with Paper Boat, how can the brand steer away from its existing associations toward a new set of associations? He seemed to have an endless array of thoughts linked to brand positioning and repositioning. 

 The case study explores several contemporary aspects of consumer behavior in the backdrop of the usual brand positioning efforts. 

Learning Objective 

Learning from this case: How can different aspects of consumer behavior influence brand positioning? Generally, brand positioning cases involving brand management do not delve into different aspects of consumer behavior.

The primary objective of the case is to investigate the effectiveness of brand positioning associated with successful brands.

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    30 Sep 2016
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    Marketing Management
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    Consumer Behavior (2034), Branding (3239), Ethnic Brands (10487) ,Brand Positioning (10116, Experiential Marketing
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