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i-flex solutions limited (A): Winning Unconventionally

Ramachandran J, Garg Pranav
Strategy (7697), Leadership (1571), Emerging markets (1446), International business (1383)


i-flex is a unique illustration of an Indian software product company that emerged from an ecosystem dominated by software services firms. The case comprises two parts. The first part, set in late 2005, describes the company’s evolution into a global market leader in the banking software industry ending with its acquisition by Oracle. The second part of the case, set in 2015, provides an update on the evolution of the company in the 10 years since its acquisition by Oracle.

Learning Objectiv 

  1. To explore the strategic and organizational challenges that firms from emerging markets face when they compete in global markets.
  2. To examine the role of a firm’s leadership in balancing the contradictory demands of exploring for the long term to succeed in competitive markets while exploiting short-term opportunities to survive and shore up limited resources.

  • Pub Date:
    30 Dec 2016
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  • Discipline:
    Strategic Management
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  • Keywords:
    Strategy (7697), Leadership (1571), Emerging markets (1446), International business (1383)
  • Length:
    Pdf : 22 page(s) ,

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