3rd AIMA-ICRC Case Writing Competition & Conference, 2023       
Case Study


Tripathy Anshuman ,R Chandru , Venkataraman Preethi
Supply Chain Management (6827) ,Supply Chain Sustainability (11348) ,Value Chains (2318)




The case deals with the value chain of soya and red gram, from the farm to the market. The activities are conducted through the system of cooperatives focused around the Adilabad district in Andhra Pradesh, India. The organization providing the necessary support and training to the cooperatives is Centre for Collective Development (CCD) which was set up in 2004. The case specifically deals with operations in Adilabad where CCD has helped 765 farmers trade 535.6 tons of soybean (2013-14) through the ‘‘pool, store and sell’’ business model. This number has reduced, though to 520 farmers trading 314.7 tons in 2014-2015. The case describes the circumstances leading to the same. The key decisions to be made are whether the said co-operative should proceed to invest in forward integration (processing and/or branding) in soybean processing. This becomes particularly important in Adilabad region because, while global soy meal demand appears to be on the surge, soy meal (derived from soybean agricultural output) production and hence exports seem to be decreasing, after a peak.

Learning Objective 

The case introduces the concept of co-operatives in the agricultural sector in rural India and the role that they can play in streamlining the relevant supply chain and exploring subsequent opportunities. The case can be used in graduate-level courses (MBA) in Operations Management or Supply Chain Management to understand the rural supply chain (in particular in India) and the role and functioning of co-operatives therein.


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    31 Mar 2017
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    Operations Management
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    Supply Chain Management (6827) ,Supply Chain Sustainability (11348) ,Value Chains (2318)
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    Pdf : 21 page(s) ,

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