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Dr Rajitha R, Associate Professor, Presidency College, Bangaluru.
Sustainable Living, Agroprenuer, Agricultural Marketing, Innovations for Sustainability

Abstract: VM Biofarms is an initiative that promotes sustainable farming practices in India. The initiative focuses on promoting sustainable agriculture techniques, including organic farming, crop rotation, and natural pest control, to reduce the environmental impact of farming and improve soil health. The success of VM Biofarms demonstrates that sustainable farming practices are not only environmentally friendly but also economically viable. By adopting sustainable agriculture techniques, farmers can improve crop yields, reduce costs, and improve soil health over the long term.

Learning Objectives

• Understand the business strategies of sustainable farming and its importance for addressing agriculture related issues
• Explore the latest innovations in sustainable farming and its impact on sustainability of agriculture processes
• Understand the importance traditional regeneration as an new innovative method
• Learn about the use of renewable energy sources in agriculture, such as vermicompost and solar powered dehydrated products
• Identifying challenges and opportunities for implementing sustainable farming practices.

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    07 Nov 2023
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    Marketing Management,Entrepreneurship & Startups / Innovations
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  • Keywords:
    Sustainable Living, Agroprenuer, Agricultural Marketing, Innovations for Sustainability
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