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Reinventing Officer’s Choice Whisky: Spoiled for Choice

Tanuka Ghoshal, Geetika Shah, Arun Pereira
Advertising , Advertising campaigns , Marketing communications , Branding Brand management , Positioning


This case is designed to highlight the vital role of promotion, the fourth "P" of the marketing mix, in a brand reinvention exercise. Using the context of the brand reinvention journey of Officer's Choice Whisky (OCW), the case highlights the importance and need for syncing brand objectives and communication objectives so as to build brand relevance in a competitive environment, increase revenue and enhance customer loyalty.  The case also highlights the importance of systematic market research in identifying brand weaknesses and providing direction for effective marketing communications.Ahmed Rahimtoola, Head of Marketing at Allied Blenders and Distillers (ABD), was leading the process of conducting an extensive brand reinvention exercise for Officer's Choice. Market research had established the need for brand reinvention, indicating that Officer's Choice had to overcome the challenges of low brand salience, lack of emotional connect with customers, and outdated brand communication. Accordingly, the best advertising agencies in India were invited to come up with creatives that would answer the following question: How should Officer's Choice reposition and repackage itself and reconnect with consumers? ABD had the tough task of choosing the creative that held the magic recipe that would strategically weave brand objectives and communication objectives to yield optimal benefits. In discussing the firm's creative options, the case brings to light the crucial aspects of a brand reinvention process, the role of communication objectives in brand reinvention, and the mechanics of a successful marriage of marketing communication and brand strategy objectives. 

Learning Objectives

1.To illustrate the challenges of brand reinvention and the opportunities provided by marketing communications.

2. To understand how branding and positioning strategy should stem from consumer behavior insights gathered from market research.

3. To demonstrate that the selection of ad creatives can be facilitated by using systematic criteria that take into consideration the strategy of the firm, key brand objectives and communication objectives. 

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    20 Dec 2016
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    Marketing Management,Advertising and Intergrated Marketing Communication
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    Advertising , Advertising campaigns , Marketing communications , Branding Brand management , Positioning
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