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Case Study Breaking Ground in Online Grocery Market in India

Professor Sarang Deo, Professor Sripad Devalkar, Meghana Gokhale, Akshay Vaidya
Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Venture capital investors


The case describes operations of one of the early entrants in the Online Grocery Delivery industry in India, (AMD). After having run the company for three years, the founder, Sushant Junnarkar, is looking for big ticket funding. As he prepares his pitch, he wonders whether his business is lucrative enough for investors. What changes could be possibly made to the existing model to improve profitability for the company? He intends to revisit some of the strategic and tactical decisions that he had made at the time of inception of AMD. Junnarkar's final decision would determine the fate of his pitch to investors and subsequently the future sustainability of his venture.

Learning Objectives

The case allows students to examine the business model of an online grocery delivery start-up from an opertional perspective. In particular, students can evalute tactical decisions such as the choice of product offerings and geographies to serve, along with the number of delivery personnel to employ and the implications that these decisions have for the amount of funding required and the venture's survival until such funding actually becomes available.

  • Pub Date:
    05 Apr 2017
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  • Discipline:
    Operations Management,Entrepreneurship & Startups / Innovations
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  • Keywords:
    Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Venture capital investors
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    Pdf : 8 page(s) ,

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