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Dr R S Sathya Saminadan, Assistant Professor, IFMR Graduate school of Business, Krea University
unorganised retail, unbranded products ,marketing strategies


The case sustaining the market share against branded firms in an unorganized sector deals with an individual entrepreneur who owned a successful grocery shop and got perturbed by the government sanctions to achain supermarket in the year 2006. The case deals with the successful strategies derived by the entrepreneur using his business acumen. Several inorganic strategies were narrated by the shopkeeper which fascinated the case author to write it as a full-fledged study. The case covers several unorthodox marketing and relationship strategies which would be useful for the teacher to explain to the students, which in turn would also help the class understand the realities of the market.

Learning objectives

• This case would help the teacher make students understand that in the real-time scenario, conventional text concepts would not help all the timebut the implementation of the right strategies based on the buying behaviour of the customer would
• Relationship skillsarehighly subjective. But the same relationship skills would help the business enterprise to remove the price sensitivity among consumers. It will lead the consumers to the zone of tolerance further leading them to loyalty. Loyalty is the first variable in the referral trajectory.
• This case would help to shatter the illusion among students on the brand. Consumers have the potentiality to look beyond brand names. If an enterprise showcases true concern and benevolence to its customers, the customers would be ready to disregard the brand and stay with the existing provider.
• Marketing strategies need not be orthodox all the time. In fact, most of the time the breakthrough for many successful business firms happened because of their ‘out of the box’ approach. This case will certainly fascinate and encourage the students to think out of the box too.


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    04 Aug 2021
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    Marketing Management
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    unorganised retail, unbranded products ,marketing strategies
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