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Case Study


Kumar Ramesh S, Goel Nalin , Geera Gireesh
Sensory branding ,Positioning (31118) ,Consumer needs ,Brand perception ,. FMCG, Emerging market (1446)


Indian marketing scenario (an emerging economy) has been experiencing a new wave of consumer behavior after liberalization of markets. FMCG and durable brands in several categories have made an impact on the lifestyle and mindset of consumers. It is interesting to note that in a market that has diverse culture across its geographical spread, several multinational brands have made substantial headway in domains that are strongly associated with the traditional culture. Snacking is a habit among Indians that covers several kinds of cultural snacks. Kurkure, a brand sold by a multinational was successful with its marketing mix that included an offering that tasted and looked similar to a traditional cultural snack. Chocolates and biscuits, categories that are strongly entrenched in the Indian context (though they have their origin in western countries) competed with traditional snacks in an environment that had proliferated western lifestyles. It is in this context Oreo brand, the well-known biscuit brand in the US market was launched in India by Cadbury. The brand competed with well-known Indian brands of cream biscuits and was positioned to attract children teenagers and young adults. In a category that lacked loyalty and was prone to brand switching (variety of offerings in the market makes the consumer switch brands as the purchasing is done with a low involvement mindset by most consumers) Oreo that had achieved considerable degree of success faced the challenge of sustaining its success. The survey results reflect the need for a deeper analysis beyond a generic brand positioning strategy. An analysis of consumer perception, sensory branding aspects, and careful consideration of a variety of needs of consumers that shape consumer perception of brands in the category seem to be the direction Oreo needs to pursue. How should Oreo use perceptual principles to reposition itself to sustain its success?  

Learning Objective  

  1. The case provides an understanding of the circumstances under which a successful brand needs to reposition itself owing to the environment.
  2. The case provides an understanding of how consumer perception centered around sensory branding and types of needs of consumers useful for band repositioning (or positioning).
  3. Understanding of how perceptual principles are applied to branding.             

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    03 Jul 2015
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    Marketing Management,Consumer Behavior
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  • Keywords:
    Sensory branding ,Positioning (31118) ,Consumer needs ,Brand perception ,. FMCG, Emerging market (1446)
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