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Case Study

Telma: Building and Defending a Market Leader

Jonnalagedda Sreelata , Shah Ami
Pharmaceutical Marketing, Defensive Marketing (10369) ,Building Brand Equity,Intellectual Property Regulations (1107)


This case traces the inception to rise of Telma, the flagship brand of Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, over its decade of existence. Telma based on the molecular formulation Telmisartan was introduced by Glenmark in 2003 at a time when the most preferred and market-leading molecule for treating hypertension was Ramipril. This case, not only showcases the brand-building programs undertaken by Glenmark through the life of Telma, but also traces the marketing efforts that go into creating a new category that would then go on to become the market leader. The case also introduces students to the evolving regulatory framework that has shaped pharmaceutical marketing practices of generics manufacturers in India since independence.

Learning Objective  

The case is appropriate in a core Marketing course and MBA/BBA-level course. This case can also be used in an elective on Marketing Strategy, Brand Management, B2B Marketing or any course that covers topics such as pharmaceutical marketing, marketing and branding technology intensive products, marketing in emerging markets, competitive marketing strategy, and international marketing. 

  • Understanding the importance of branding programs in building a market leader.
  • Evaluating alternatives for competitive marketing strategies in share-maintanence of the market leader

Understanding the role of regulatory framework in shaping companies’ marketing strategies

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    01 Jul 2015
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    Marketing Management
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    Pharmaceutical Marketing, Defensive Marketing (10369) ,Building Brand Equity,Intellectual Property Regulations (1107)
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    Pdf : 17 page(s) ,

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