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Case Study


Tripathy Anshuman, Sahasrabuddhe Amey, Bose Indrasis
Technology management (11376), Organizational design (1990) , Entrepreneurship (1545), Vertical integration (1136)


This case introduces the readers to information regarding the organization building journey of Ather Energy, an Indian start-up in the electric vehicle (EV) industry and the entrepreneurial journey of its founders. The case deals with challenges that Ather Energy faces as it works to bring its product, a two-wheeler EV, to market, adopting practices that were against the established industry norms (the internal combustion engine vehicles). The case outlines the overall environment of the EV industry across the world and in India, discussing key areas like government interventions, major existing players in the EV industry and key developments that have transpired over the past years. It then traces the journey of Ather Energy and its founders, focusing on the key phases through which it traversed as it grew from a two-membered start-up basis out of an incubator to a 350+ firm working to ensure that their product has a hassle-free entry into the market.  The case outlines the background of the founders, their learnings on the course of developing their product, and the challenges faced in various stages of developing the product.  The envisaged sustainability of Ather Energy and its product are then discussed, along with the challenges envisaged.

Learning Objective 

This case is intended for use in courses related to bringing new technologies to market and entrepreneurship. The case helps one understand the various issues that a start-up faces as it grows in size and complexity in its quest to achieve sustainable long-term growth. It helps understand how an innovator can position his/her innovation to derive the maximum value from it and focus on the interplay of resources, processes and product development cycles as it pursues sustainable growth. 

  • Pub Date:
    27 Sep 2018
  • Source:
  • Discipline:
    Operations Management
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  • Keywords:
    Technology management (11376), Organizational design (1990) , Entrepreneurship (1545), Vertical integration (1136)
  • Length:
    Pdf : 23 page(s) ,

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