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Case Study


Ramesh Kumar S , Mishitha Jaiswal, Shaimee Gupta
Consumer behavior (2034) ,Brand positioning (10116),Consumer engagement, Indian retailing, Brand associations


Vineet Saraiwala, Assistant Manager, Big Bazaar was planning to study the toothpaste category and some of the brands in the category. Having been exposed to the Consumer Behavior domain, Vineet wanted to use an exploratory to seek inputs on its usefulness to Big Bazaar. Although Big Bazaar was a major force in the new era of Indian retailing scenario, radical changes in the environment with online retailing, discount culture in online and offline brands, premium brands and economy brands in several categories, the kirana shops that have been a part of Indian retailing for decades and differentiation of brands across categories using several non-product associations such as celebrities and user imagery, a study involving consumer behavioral aspects can be immensely useful to Big Bazaar. This case provides a new perspective on how a modern retail (Big Bazaar) can consider the positioning strategies of brands from the viewpoint of consumer mindset associated with brand associations. Such an understanding associated with a category would enable Vineet to consider several options of using them: in retail promotions, in the introduction of a new store brand or to understand the importance of various factors in the study that can be used for enhancing the strategies of Big Bazaar with respect to its consumers in the toothpaste category

The case attempts to approach retailing from several behavioral dimensions that include attitudes, self-brand connection, and celebrity-brand connection.

 Learning Objective

 *How can consumer behavioral dimensions be useful to a large modern retailer in the Indian context?

*How can a retailer understand the impact of several psychological factors associated with the well-known brands being retailed?

*Can a large retailer use the communication strategies of brands to engage the consumer while dealing with a range of brands with diverse positioning strategies?

  • Pub Date:
    23 Jun 2017
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    Marketing Management,Customer Relationship Management
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  • Keywords:
    Consumer behavior (2034) ,Brand positioning (10116),Consumer engagement, Indian retailing, Brand associations
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    Pdf : 12 page(s) ,

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