AIMA ICRC Capacity Building Workshop on Case Teaching and Writing Workshop | 05 – 12 December 2023
Case Study


Srinivasan R
Open Innovation (10967), Platforms (3397) , Co-creation,. Prototyping


The case on JOSEPHS® intends to highlight the various network effects in the architecture and operations of a Service Manufactory. Uniquely positioned as an open innovation laboratory in the Nuremberg city center, JOSEPHS® attracted a wide range of walk-in customers, who could be “prosumers”, adding significant value to the tenant/firms, the university partner (FAU Wi1), Fraunhofer IIS, as well as the consumers themselves as they engage in the open innovation process. The case is positioned around the time when JOSEPHS® has completed one year of operations. This case articulates the architecture and design of JOSEPHS® as a platform, elucidates the network effects and complementarities, and pushes the students to analyze the various parameters of performance in a multi-sided platform such as JOSEPHS®.

Learning Objective 

 The case on JOSEPHS® provides students an opportunity to

  1. Understand how cross-side network effects define the nature of affiliation to the platform.
  2. Appreciate the variety of metrics used to measure platform performance, and how they could be different for different sides of the platform.
  3. Analyze how and where a platform and its network effects can be extended, and where they need to be modified/customized

  • Pub Date:
    28 May 2016
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    Strategic Management
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  • Keywords:
    Open Innovation (10967), Platforms (3397) , Co-creation,. Prototyping
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